martedì 24 novembre 2015

Pandora's box..

I finally finished the translation and correction of my old post "Il vaso di Pandora" with some help from Engish speaker friends.. So enjoy the read!!

I suggest to listen to these two songs while reading, cause they have been inspiring me in that moments..

"What's on your mind?" keeps asking facebook.. i often look at this phrase that stands out and wait with great patience for my answer. It makes me smile, because sometimes i don't really know where to start. Fleeting emotions and reflections, litghtning that links and light up inner worlds seemingly far and unconnected. In an instant, past, present and future merge together and time reveals its self for what it really is... an illusion. The membrane seperating these worlds breaks up, and now i feel like a walking chronological puzzle. In this period i feel like a funambilist who walks on the razor edge..don't cut yourself, don't fall and yet enjoy the amazing landscape all around..succeeding is an art. Life sometimes puts your head inside a particle accelerator, and everything becomes so intense, so deep and fast that it hurts, but at the same time makes you feel so vibrant and alive. A basic rule to resist the strongest wind is to simply let yourself move with it. Going with the flow and letting it guide you without stiffness. Simple uh? Not at all!! Because in all this one's mind plays tricks, and some things are really hard to swallow. New and old wounds, reflections of strengths and vitality in a soul that sometimes forgets that it can fly.
However i flow...i move with the wind. My presence here is already history, like an already written chapter. Like Bastian i'm reading and writing at the same time. Sometimes i'm Atreiu, others i seem to be Bastian who reads in the attic in the warmth of his blanket and enjoying the story. It's a fine line, who reads and who writes? This is the magic of like going back to the source, peeking into the reality's engine room, seeing how consciousness "unfolds", metabolizes and creates. Daily routine makes us think life is static, a word that doesn't exist in Nature and God's dictionary. But in this way we miss that magic, and step away from the source. So let's peek in that engine room, write the book we are reading and dive in our role.
I'm been here three weeks now and it feels like home. It's always a great emotion to say that, and is never banal been able to feel like home in such a far away and different place that, only one month ago, was for me just a name and a random spot on a map. I'm in Africa and i feel grounded, at ease, and "in my little" par of this world. Sure part of the secret is to train your sight, to see not only differences, but also equalities, and there really are a lot. Differences are just details, surely important and worthy of respect, but they are not the focal point. The centroid of everything in the end is not really "how", but "why". The "why" is the engine, the thrust of life which doens't have smell and taste at the origin, but it manifests itself in thousand colours, fragrances, races and people, following like a stream paths marked by history, events, suffering, instinct and intuition. Is without this filter that we can have, even for a few moments, the luck of seeing the "code", seeing things for what they really are..and so that we are all the same, unique and diverse reflections of the same light at the source. Indeed we are always dealing with those differences, but for the truth is also what we need.. diversity scares us, but it generates energy, question us and allow us to enter in the unknow which is fraught with possibilities. Like a quantum potential ready to react and manifest. Since the beginning of time nature has utilized cross breading to make species stronger, because this creates new variables, new possibilites and rules. Exposing yourself to different cultures, colours, fragrances and situations makes us stronger because we add new ingredients to our personal formula, new colours to our palette.
I walk around the city, at the market. Cross smiles and glances. I greet with a wave of the hand the varoius "muzzungu" that children scream to me and they explode in huge smiles and excitement that fufill my soul. Connecting with this people is wonderful. At the market i laugh and joke with a woman who sells me tomatoes and carrots. A second and then a third lady come and it seems to me i have always known them. I can feel that between us, perfect strangers, something connect us despite the big a wire that links to the neutral source, driving force of everything. 
I take a breath, i look around while listening an evocative song. In this emotion i return to this moment, and all the past and present me re-merges in the "here and the now", giving back shape to this white fragmented biped who's trying to understand who he is and where he's going.

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